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Rivera Diego
Rivera (88)...

Rivera (88)

Rousseau Henri
Rousseau (88)...

Rousseau (88)

Peters Wilhelm
Weaving Mill, 1887-88...

Weaving Mill, 1887-88

Duccio Di Buoninsegna
The Madonna of the Franciscans, ...

The Madonna of the Franciscans, 1287-88, panel painti

Winterhalter Franz Xavier
Prince Frederick William of Prus...

Prince Frederick William of Prussia (1831-88)

Eakins Thomas
Portrait of Walt Whitman, 1887-8...

Portrait of Walt Whitman, 1887-88, oil on canvas, Pen

Goya y Lucientes Francisco Jose De
Charles III, 1786-88, oil on can...

Charles III, 1786-88, oil on canvas, Museo del Prado, M

Nattier Jean Marc
Louise-Henriette-Gabrielle de Lo...

Louise-Henriette-Gabrielle de Lorraine (1718-88) Princess of Turenne and Duchess of Bouillon

Seurat Georges
Seurat Parade de cirque, 1887-88...

Seurat Parade de cirque, 1887-88, 100x150.5 cm, detalj, Metr

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