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The Fisherman

Artist: Trouillebert Paul Desire

Also known as: Troulibert Pavel Desire

The Fisherman

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Paoletti Antonio
The Young Fisherman...

The Young Fisherman

Woods Henry
The Fishermans Courtship...

The Fishermans Courtship

Arthello Beck Jr
Swamp Fisherman...

Swamp Fisherman

Israels Isaac
The drowned fisherman...

The drowned fisherman

Leighton Frederick
The Fisherman and the Syren...

The Fisherman and the Syren

Hildebrandt Greg
The Green Fisherman...

The Green Fisherman

Rockwell Norman
Fishermans Paradise...

Fishermans Paradise

Swinstead George Hillyard
Fishermans Friend...

Fishermans Friend

Boucher Francois
Putti as Fisherman...

Putti as Fisherman

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