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Artist: Dacey Robert

Also known as: Daisy robert


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Nemeth Frank
Frank Nemeth – Unknown, De...

Frank Nemeth – Unknown, De

Rockwell Norman
William Gillis in Convoy...

William Gillis in Convoy

Durer Engravings


Anderson Sophie Gengembre
Young Girl Fixing Her Hair...

Young Girl Fixing Her Hair

Unknown painters
Kristina (1573-1625), Queen of S...

Kristina (1573-1625), Queen of Sweden Princess of Holstein-Gottorp

Brewtnall Edward Frederick
Visit to the Witch...

Visit to the Witch

Weeks Edwin Lord
Weeks Edwin Lord A Court in The ...

Weeks Edwin Lord A Court in The Alhambra in the Time of the Moors

Combes Simon
Serengeti Kopje...

Serengeti Kopje

Ingres Jean Auguste Dominique
Roman landscape with acuaduct of...

Roman landscape with acuaduct of the Villa Borghese

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