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Hofkirche in Innsbruck

Austria, Innsbruck, 16th century temple - Europe

Hofkirche (Court Church) is a Gothic royal temple and mausoleum built in the 16th century. This is the most interesting church in Innsbruck, where you can see the unsurpassed tomb of Emperor Maximilian and the complex silver chapel.

Myths and Facts

The church was built by Ferdinand I as a mausoleum for Maximilian I in 1553. The elegant grave was completed and completely ready for reburial, but Maximilian was never transferred here from the original burial in Wiener Neustadt nearVeins.

What to see

The entrance to the Hofkirch does not go through the main doors, but a little further to the left. It shares the entrance with the Tiroler Volkskunst - a museum of Tyrolean folk art.

The richly decorated tomb of black marble, designed to glorify the Holy Roman Empire, is a fine example of German Renaissance sculpture in Austria and the main temple attraction . The imperial tomb is surrounded by 24 reliefs depicting the achievements of Maximilian, as well as 28 large, more than life-size statues of his real and legendary ancestors, including King Arthur Of England . Three of these statues are created according to the designs of Dürer.

You can get into the silver chapel by going up the stairs opposite the entrance. Here you will see a luxurious altar with silver embossed wood. The silver reliefs around represent fragments of prayers. The chapel was built in 1578 as the tomb of Archduke Ferdinand II and his wife, daughter of a powerful Filipino merchant family.

In addition to these attractions, the complex has a small attractive monastery with a beautiful porch in the Renaissance style and a high Gothic nave on three sides. The gallery contains over 20 small statues of patron saintsHabsburg housesand the original wooden organ of the 16th century, which is still used today. The national Tyrolean hero Andreas Hofer is also buried in Hofkirch.

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The Hofkirche in Innsbruck is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on weekdays and from 12.30 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Sundays and holidays. Free admission
Official website: www.hofkirche.at

* Ticket price and opening hours may vary, check on the official website /

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Hofkirche in Innsbruck
Hofkirche in Innsbruck
Hofkirche in Innsbruck
Hofkirche in Innsbruck
Hofkirche in Innsbruck
Hofkirche in Innsbruck

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