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Lambach Monastery

Austria, Lambach, monastery of the XI century - Europe

Lambach Abbey is a functioning monastery located in Lambach in northwestern Austria. The monks, who have lived for more than 900 years under the charter of St. Benedict, have collected a unique collection of manuscripts and materials telling about the history of monastic life in Austria within the walls of the monastery.

Myths and Facts

Lambach appeared at the beginning of the XI century as the estate of Count Lambach. The last representative of this kind, Bishop of Wurzburg Adalbero, bequeathed his property to the monastery, which was founded here in 1056.

The surviving wall paintings in the western church and manuscripts testify to the rapid heyday of the young monastery. In the XVII and XVIII centuries, the complex was significantly expanded, new buildings were added in the Baroque style.

During the reform in the 1780s, when the emperor issued a decree on the dissolution of monasteries, the Lambakh monks managed to avoid this fate and preserve their community. But in 1941, the monks were driven out by the National Socialists, and a Nazi school was placed in the premises of the complex. The monastic community returned to the Lambas only after the end of World War II.

Today, Lambakh monks, like almost a millennium ago, live according to the charter of the founder of the monastery of St. Adalbero, to "glorify God here forever."

What to see

Lambach Monastery is very well preserved. Here you can see the oldest Romanesque frescoes and sculptures in the former abbey tavern, and nowadays there is a pharmacy with a beautiful baroque facade. There is a monastery theater, which has been restored and converted into a concert hall. The abbey church, with the organ where the remains of St. Adalbero rests, has also been renovated in Baroque style.

The library, built in 1691, contains about 50,000 volumes, not including archival materials (a large collection of ancient manuscripts is available only in AustriaMelk Monasteryand swissMonastery of St. Gallen) A treasure of Lambach is a large collection of sacred art. And in the monastery garden you will meet an unexpected collection of funny dwarf dwarfs.

Monks are also invited to visit their restaurant with traditional Austrian cuisine. Interested visitors are provided with an overnight stay (there are 1- and 4-bed guest rooms, only for men), with the possibility of visiting divine services and the library.

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The Lambach Monastery is open daily from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on weekdays and until 5 p.m. on weekends, with a break from 12 a.m. to 1 p.m. Tours for tourists are held from Easter until October 31 daily at 14.00.
The cost of living in the monastery: 36 € per day (full board).
Official site:www.stift-lambach.at(German)

* Ticket price and opening hours may vary, check on the official website /

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Lambach Monastery
Lambach Monastery
Lambach Monastery
Lambach Monastery
Lambach Monastery
Lambach Monastery
Lambach Monastery
Lambach Monastery

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