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Monastery Melk

Austria, Melk, monastery of the 18th century - Europe

One of the most famous sights Of Austria You will find in the city of Melk, 80 km west of Vienna. With a clear predominance of Baroque style, Melk Abbey is respectable. This is a gigantic structure on a rocky shore overlooking the Danube River.

The golden walls under the red roofs impress visitors with their beauty. The monastery was built in the period from 1702 to 1736. architect Jacob Prandtauer. This was not the first abbey in this place. The first monastery It was founded here in 1089. In the twelfth century, a school was established and the abbey was recognized thanks to its collection of manuscripts. In the fifteenth century, Melk Abbey became an integral part of reform in Austria. This reform was designed to develop monastic life not only in Austria, but also in southern Germany .

What to see

In addition to the impressive appearance of this stunning monastery, its interior also deserves praise. The marble hall with a golden altar is decorated with red marble pilasters, fantastic frescoes on the ceiling and statues.

No less impressive are the monastery’s libraries on two floors, which contain about 80,000 volumes of priceless books. This is the largest treasury of ancient knowledge of Austria, asMonastery of St. Gallat Switzerland . The highlight of the abbey is the monastery church with many windows and generously decorated with marble and frescoes of Johann Michael Rottmey. Despite the fact that it was damaged during a fire in 1947, it was repaired and today the monksBenedictineswho still use this abbey are undoubtedly very proud of it.

From the terrace of the monastery offers a beautiful view of the river, where Napoleon probably planned his strategies when he used Melk as his headquarters during the conquest of Austria. If you are lucky, during the visit you will hear beautiful melodies of church bells music.

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Melk Abbey Monastery is open from May to September from 9.00 to 17.30, in April and October until 16.30, from November to March - only for group tours.
Cost: with a guide - 9.50 €, independently - 7.70 €, for students - 4.50 €.
How to get from Vienna by train in about an hour.
Official site:www.stiftmelk at

* Ticket price and opening hours may vary, check on the official website /

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Monastery Melk
Monastery Melk
Monastery Melk
Monastery Melk
Monastery Melk
Monastery Melk
Monastery Melk
Monastery Melk

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