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Salzburg Cathedral

Austria, Salzburg, Cathedral of the 17th century - Europe

Salzburg Cathedral famous for its harmonious baroque architecture and organ with 4000 pipes. It also houses a medieval font in which Mozart was baptized.

Myths and Facts

Initial temple It was founded in 767 in the center of the former Roman city of Juvavum by order of Bishop Virgile, and in 774 it was consecrated in honor of two saints Peter and Rupert. In the Salzburg fire of 1167, the temple burned to the ground and a new, more luxurious and magnificent Romanesque cathedral was built in its place. But in 1598, a fire again destroyed most of the building.

The then-ruling Prince-Archbishop Wolf Dietrich ordered the demolition of the remains of the ruins, bearing plans for the construction of a new grandiose cathedral that would surpass the temples that had ever existed in its beauty. Carried away by this idea, the archbishop destroyed not only the surviving valuable sculptures, but also plowed the church cemetery, which angered the people of Salzburg. Soon, under the pretext of a feud with Bavaria, he was thrown into the Hohensalzburg prison by his successor Marcus Sittikus von Hohenems, who built the current Salzburg Cathedral. The ceremonial consecration of the new building took place in 1628.

The last significant destruction of the Salzburg Cathedral underwent in 1944, when an aerial bomb destroyed the dome and part of the building. Fifteen years later, the building was completely restored, and a plate with three dates for the consecration of the cathedral was added to the gate grid: 774, 1628 and 1959.

What to see

Cathedral Square is a continuation of the architectural style of the cathedral and one of the most beautiful squares in Salzburg. In the center is a column of the 18th-century Mother of God with a statue of the Virgin Mary.

The main marble facade of the Salzburg Cathedral with two twin towers is crowned with green domes. Bronze doors are decorated with bas-reliefs of Faith, Hope and Love. The calm white interior, decorated with frescoes, unlike the usual bright baroque excesses, belongs to the latest reconstruction.

Near the entrance, pay attention to the Romanesque font in which Mozart was baptized. The great composer served here as an organist from 1779 to 1781. At this time, he wrote a lot of church music, which was first played in the Salzburg Cathedral.

The collection of treasures of the cathedral and the "miracles" of the archbishops, collected in the 17th century, is exhibited in the Cathedral Museum (entrance through the cathedral).

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Salzburg Cathedral (Salzburger Dom) is open daily from 8.00 to 19.00 in the summer and until 17.00 in the winter. The museum is open from 9.00 to 17.00, except Mondays and Tuesdays.
Cost: Admission to the cathedral is free. Museum: 5 €, children - 1.50 €.
Official site:www.salzburger-dom.at(German)

* Ticket price and opening hours may vary, check on the official website /

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Salzburg Cathedral
Salzburg Cathedral
Salzburg Cathedral
Salzburg Cathedral
Salzburg Cathedral
Salzburg Cathedral
Salzburg Cathedral
Salzburg Cathedral

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