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Castles and temples of Ukraine were built during the turbulent history of the country, which is a bridge between Europe and Asia. Rivers crossing from north to south served as the main arteries of large trade routes. These lands have long been known as the "free trade zone", where hostile worlds and cultures clashed in fierce battles. It was here that the Aryans and Semites, the ancient Greeks and the nomadic tribes of the East met for the first time. Being the border of various civilizations, Ukraine was destined to wage a stubborn struggle for its freedom and to defend its right to independence. So during the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, more than 3,000 defensive structures appeared here. About three hundred of them have survived to our days, many have been restored and are open for tourists.

Belgorod-Dniester fortress

Ukraine, Belgorod-Dniester, XIII century fortress

The Belgorod-Dniester fortress is the largest in Ukraine and perfectly preserved to our time. By its fortification qualities, the fortress is not inferior to the famous forts of Europe of that time.

Church of St. Anne

Ukraine, Borislav, XX century temple

A unique pilgrimage center where you can worship almost all the saints - the relics of more than 700 saints are stored here.

Church of St. George

Ukraine, Drohobych, XV century temple

As the ancient artists imagined paradise and hell, the fiery hyena, angels and saints, you can see in the church of St. Jura, which preserved unique murals of the 15th century.

Sambir Town Hall

Ukraine, Sambir, XVII century

The symbol of Sambir and an architectural monument of national importance is the town hall located in the central square.

Tustan Fortress

Ukraine, Drohobych, IXth Fortress

In ancient times, there was a huge wooden fortified city five stories high! The unique architectural monument of the pre-Mongol period has no analogues in Europe.

Church of St. Bartholomew

Ukraine, Drohobych, XIV century temple

Located in the heart of the city, on the former castle hill, the Catholic Church is a monument of architecture of national importance.

Dubensky castle

Ukraine, Dubno, XVI century castle-fortress

Dubensky Castle has never succumbed to the invaders for the entire time of its existence. What secrets do the ancient walls of the fortress keep ?.

Popova Castle

Ukraine, Zaporozhye, XIX century castle

The estate of the Popov noblemen in Vasilyevka is considered a masterpiece of the palace and castle architecture of the 19th century. Even Popov’s stable was built in the style of the Moscow Kremlin !.

Nicholas Church

Ukraine, Ivano-Frankivsk, XIV century temple

In ancient times, the fortress walls of the temple served as reliable protection for the local residents who were hiding from the Tatars. Today it is a monument of national importance.

Observatory "White Elephant"

Ukraine, Ivano-Frankivsk, XX century castle

Everyone who dares to climb the legendary Carpathian Black Mountain has a nice bonus: the highest building in Ukraine is located on its top.

Ivano-Frankivsk Town Hall

Ukraine, Ivano-Frankivsk, town hall, XX century

This peculiar construction does not fit into the concept of ordinary city halls and is a real architectural decoration of Ivano-Frankivsk.

Small mosque

Ukraine, Izmail, 16th century mosque

The Small Mosque is the same age as the legendary Turkish fortress Izmail. At one time, the strengthening was considered the best in Europe, but only a mosque has survived to this day.

Khotyn Fortress

Ukraine, Kamyanets-Podilsky, XI century fortress

The Khotyn fortress went down in history as a victory over the Mongol-Tatar army, which became a turning point in the history of Western Europe, marking the beginning of the collapse of the Ottoman Empire.

Kamyanets-Podilsky Castle

Ukraine, Kamyanets-Podilsky, XIV century castle

The ancient castle, which became the capital of the specific princedom and the "extreme bastion of Christianity", is today recognized as one of the seven wonders of Ukraine.

Mariinsky Palace

Ukraine, Kiev, the 18th century palace

Members of the royal family of the Romanovs once lived in the turquoise-white beauty, now it is the ceremonial residence of the President of Ukraine.

St. Andrew's Church

Ukraine, Kiev, the church of the XVIII century

One of the churches of the royal residence of the Romanovs in Kiev - an elegant white and blue church is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Kiev-Pechersk Lavra

Ukraine, Kiev, XII century temple

One of the oldest monasteries with unique temples and cave labyrinths, the main Orthodox center of Kievan Rus, and now the largest museum complex in Europe.

Yanukovych Palace

Ukraine, Kiev, XXI century palace

The ex-president’s most luxurious modern palace, discreet outside, glistens and sparkles with gold inside. A kind of Ukrainian Versailles !.

St. Elias Church

Ukraine, Kiev, the temple of the XVII century

The first Christian church, built long before the baptism of Kievan Rus, peacefully existed among the pagan environment.

Zverinets cave monastery

Ukraine, Kiev, X century monastery

The ancient monastery was hidden for a long time from human eyes underground. He once served as a refuge for monks during the Polovtsian raid during his life and an underground cemetery after death.

Sophia Cathedral

Ukraine, Kiev, XI century cathedral

One of the most famous sights of Kiev and the first Ukrainian object included in UNESCO, which at one time became a real symbol of the capital of the Christian principality.

St. Vladimir's Cathedral

Ukraine, Kiev, XIX century cathedral

Thanks to the unique murals, St. Vladimir Cathedral earned the fame of an outstanding work of monumental art of the late 19th century.

Vydubychi Monastery

Ukraine, Kiev, the monastery of the XVII century

The ancient monastery on the steep bank of the Dnieper served as a family temple to Vladimir Monomakh and his descendants, and is now recognized as a masterpiece of Ukrainian Baroque.

Livadia Palace

Ukraine, Crimea, Livadia, XIX century palace

The Livadia Palace was the favorite summer residence of the last Russian Tsar Nicholas II and his family. In 1945, the Yalta Conference was held here. Today the palace is open as a museum.

Holy Assumption Cave Monastery

Ukraine, Crimea, Bakhchisaray, VIII century monastery

Holy Assumption Monastery is a functioning monastery with a history similar to a legend. For centuries, Christian monks have been side by side with Gothic pagans, Turkish Muslims, Soviet atheists.

Cosmo-Damian Monastery

Ukraine, Crimea, Alushta, a monastery of the XIX century

Cosmo-Damianovsky Monastery, located in the picturesque gorge of the Crimean reserve, is famous, first of all, for its healing source, the miraculous power of which has many legends.

Yeni-Kale Fortress

Ukraine, Crimea, Kerch, XVII century fortress

The Yeni-Kale fortress was of strategic importance, being in the narrowest spot of the strait and controlling the passage of ships between the Sea of ​​Azov and the Black Sea. Here was the residence of the Turkish Pasha.

Dulber Palace

Ukraine, Crimea, Miskhor, XIX century palace

Impressed by the ancient temples of Cairo, returning from a trip, Grand Duke Pyotr Nikolaevich built a magnificent palace, which conquers with its beauty and severity, as illustrations from the fairy tale “A Thousand and One Nights”.

Palace of Princess Gagarina

Ukraine, Crimea, Alushta, XX century palace

The castle-palace on the seashore was built in memory of a beautiful and sad love that broke out as the last hope in the heart of a gray-haired Russian general in response to the pure feeling of a young Georgian princess.

Raevsky Palace (Karasan)

Ukraine, Crimea, Alushta, the XIX century palace

The estate of General Raevsky, to whom Pushkin dedicated his poem. For the construction, stones from the destroyed medieval temple were used, which brought about misfortune ...

Fortress Funa

Ukraine, Crimea, Alushta, XVv fortress

On a hill at the foot of the most beautiful mountain of Crimea, behind stone chaos and the Valley of Ghosts, where all Soviet films about Indians were filmed, the remains of the Funa fortress, a powerful fortress of the Principality of Theodoro, rest.

Massandra Palace of Alexander

Ukraine, Crimea, Upper Massandra, XIX century palace

The magnificent imperial estate in the French style of the times of Louis XIII with a mysterious history. Fairy-tale palace, in which almost none of its owners have managed to live.

Vorontsov (Alupka) Palace

Ukraine, Crimea, Alupka, XIX century palace

Vorontsov Palace is an amazing combination of English Gothic and Moorish architecture. Having become the main attraction of Alupka, the palace is a unique museum of the 19th century.

Genoese fortress in Sudak

Ukraine, Crimea, Sudak, VIIth Fortress

The Genoese fortress on a coral reef in Sudak is one of the most popular attractions of Crimea and a unique monument of the defense architecture of Tavria.

Lutsk castle

Ukraine, Lutsk, XI century castle

Lutsk Castle (Lubart Castle) is one of the largest and oldest castles in Ukraine, which has become a symbol of the power of the Volyn Principality. The castle houses a unique collection of ancient books and a museum of bells.

Jesuit Church

Ukraine, Lviv, the church of the XVII century

The Jesuit Church is one of the largest and most spacious shrines in Lviv. Built on the model of the Roman Church of Il-Jes, it is the first monument of baroque architecture in the city.

Lviv Opera

Ukraine, Lviv, XIX century palace

The architectural pearl of Lviv and one of its main attractions with many sculptures, bas-reliefs, ornaments in the style of Vienna pseudo-renaissance.

Church of St. Elisabeth (Olga and Elizabeth)

Ukraine, Lviv, XX century temple

Unusual sharp spiers can be seen while still approaching Lviv. The history of the church is a vivid example of the heyday, decline and revival of the religious life of Galicia.

Olesky castle

Ukraine, Lviv, XIV century castle

Olesky castle is perhaps the most famous castle in Lviv, restored from ruins. Now - it is a branch of the Lviv Art Gallery, where exhibits of medieval art are exhibited.

Schönborn Castle

Ukraine, Mukachevo, castle-palace of the XIX century

The former suburban residence of the Schoenborn aristocrats is more like a castle from a movie about musketeers. This is one of the main attractions of Transcarpathia and an architectural memorial of national importance.

Saint Miklos Castle

Ukraine, Mukachevo, XV century castle

In a picturesque place of Transcarpathia rises a medieval castle restored by a modern artist. It hosts art exhibitions and the Silver Tatosh festival.

Palanok Castle

Ukraine, Mukachevo, castle, XIV century

Palanok - the legendary castle of Transcarpathia, the capital of the Transylvanian Principality and the bastion of the Kuruts liberation movement - the fortress has always been in the center of events of the region. Nowadays it is a historical museum with an art gallery.


Ukraine, Nikolaev, ruins of the 6th century BC uh

An antique Greek colony on the right bank of the Dnieper-Bug estuary is just a paradise for archaeologists !.

Odessa Opera and Ballet Theater

Ukraine, Odessa, the XIX century palace

According to Forbes, Odessa Opera is one of the most unusual sights of Eastern Europe. The theater really resembles a magnificent palace.

Holy Cross Monastery

Ukraine, Poltava, XVII century monastery

During the Battle of Poltava, the headquarters of the Swedish king was located in the Holy Cross Monastery. Then the history of the shrine, which became the cultural and educational center of the Left Bank, was just beginning ...

Radomysl Castle

Ukraine, Radomyshl, XVII century castle

The restored medieval fortress has become an architectural gem of the Polessky Territory. In Radomysl there is the largest museum of home icon in Europe and a cigarette, in which the first Ukrainian church books were printed.

Holy Resurrection Church

Ukraine, Slavyansk, the temple of the XVIII century

Holy Resurrection Church is the oldest church in the city of Slavyansk, Donetsk region, known for holding the liturgy of St. John of Kronstadt.

Chervonograd castle

Ukraine, Ternopil, castle, XVII century

Chervonogorod - “a city that does not exist” on the map of Ukraine for more than half a century. The memory of him remains two graceful, with a serrated crown, towers of the local castle, reminiscent of chess pieces from afar.

St. Michael's Church

Ukraine, Uzhgorod, a temple of the XVII century

The wooden Mikhailovsky Church in the village of Krasnikovo is the best example of the so-called Maramorosh Gothic style. The shrine, surrounded by peers oaks, more than three hundred years !.

Goryansk rotunda

Ukraine, Uzhhorod, XIII century temple

One of the oldest surviving temples of Transcarpathia. In addition to its unusual shape, the shrine is also unique in ancient frescoes, which in value can only be compared with the mosaics and paintings of Sophia of Kiev.

Nevitsky castle

Ukraine, Uzhhorod, XIV century castle

The most romantic castle in Transcarpathia is Nevitsky. According to legend, this is a simplified name from Nevestsky: the fortification was supposed to protect the brides.

Tomb of Nachman

Ukraine, Uman, the temple of the XX century

Hasidic pilgrimage site on the eve of the Jewish New Year to pray at the grave of the founder of Hasidism - the most revered shrine.

Sharovsky Palace

Ukraine, Kharkov, the palace, XIX century

The palace-castle of the sugar king König was nicknamed the “White Swan” for its beauty and elegance.


Ukraine, Kharkov, XX century palace

The first skyscraper of Ukraine became a symbol of the Soviet era of constructivism and one of the seven wonders of Kharkov. The building, where many "cogs" of the bureaucratic machine worked, overgrown with legends over the years.

Assumption Cathedral

Ukraine, Kharkov, Cathedral of the 17th century

The Assumption Cathedral is the oldest Orthodox church in Kharkov and the tallest building in Ukraine during its construction.

Samchiki (Manor of Chechel)

Ukraine, Khmelnitsky, the XVIII century palace

Ukrainian Versailles is a landscape park lost in the outback of the Khmelnitsky region. Noble noblemen gathered here and luxurious balls were held !.

Transfiguration Church

Ukraine, Cherkasy, the temple of the XIX century

The Transfiguration Church in the village of Moshny surprisingly resembles the Alupka Vorontsov Palace, and the architecture is generally unique - it seems that it is a church, mosque and synagogue at the same time.

Transfiguration Cathedral

Ukraine, Chernihiv, cathedral, 11th century

One of the oldest temples of the times of Kievan Rus - this shrine is almost a thousand years old! A unique memo is a candidate for inclusion in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The residence of the Metropolitans of Bukovina

Ukraine, Chernivtsi, the XIX century palace

Ukrainian Hogwarts - such a comparison comes to mind at the sight of the luxurious architecture of Chernivtsi National University. This sight of Chernivtsi is deservedly included in the UNESCO list.

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