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Tunisia is an Islamic country characterized by religious tolerance and the notable influence of European civilization. In almost every city you will find an abundance of ancient architectural attractions: mosques, minarets, Medina and Roman ruins.

Temple of Alexander Nevsky

Tunisia, Bizerta, XX century temple

Alexander Nevsky Temple is the first Orthodox church in the city of Bizerte in the history of Tunisia, built by Russian officers as a monument to the last ships of the Imperial Navy.

Fortresses of Gar el Melch

Tunisia, Gar el Melch, fortress

Gar el Melch is a coastal village in the north-east of Tunisia, also known as Porto Farina, which has preserved three ancient fortresses.


Tunisia, Doug, ruins of the 2nd century BC

Dougga is the most visited archaeological site in Tunisia. Before the advent of the Romans, it was the capital of the Numidian kingdom. Now Dugga is listed by UNESCO as the remains of a Roman city.

Kairouan Great Mosque (Cathedral Mosque)

Tunisia, Kairouan, IXth Century Temple

Kairouan is the most sacred city of Muslims, nicknamed the "city of a hundred mosques." But the most important of them is the Great Cathedral Mosque of Kairouan - the oldest and most revered shrine of Tunisia.

Ribat to Monastir

Tunisia, Monastir, fortress VIII

Ribat is a symbol and icon of the city of Monastir, a historical bastion that once served as a springboard for Arab Muslims who conquered North Africa and the Iberian Peninsula.

Sidi Bou Said

Tunisia, Sidi Bou Said, city

Sidi Bou Said - "white-blue paradise" by the sea with an atmosphere of the XIII century. Picturesque views of the mountains and the Cape of Carthage and the Bay of Tunisia visible in the distance have attracted artists, poets and philosophers for centuries.

Cathedral of Saint Vincent de Paul

Tunisia, 19th century cathedral

The Cathedral of Saint Vincent de Paul is a Roman Catholic cathedral in Tunisia, dedicated to the patron saint of love and all suffering, Saint Vincent.

Zituna Mosque

Tunisia, Tunisia, VIII century mosque

Zituna is the second largest and one of the oldest mosques in Tunisia. Here was the largest university and Islamic political and religious center, where the most important trade agreements were concluded.


Tunisia, Tunisia, III century city BC.

The most famous Phoenician city in North Africa, Carthage was a powerful empire that vied for supremacy in the ancient world with great Rome.

Photos of castles, palaces, fortresses, temples, cathedrals, monasteries


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