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Amazing with its elegance and unsurpassed magnificence,

Castelgrand Castle

Switzerland, Bellinzona, XIII century castle

Castelgrand, if you count from the time of construction of the first major fortifications, could be called a castle of the 1st century. But - alas - nothing was built from the building built before 1250.

Montebello Castle

Switzerland, canton of Ticino, Bellinzona, XIII century castle

Montebello is a castle on a beautiful mountain. Such a poetic name was given to the castle by its builders and the first owners, Rusko, a powerful family from the city of Como.

Werdenberg Castle

Switzerland, canton of St. Gallen, Buchs, XIII century castle

Werdenberg is a medieval town in the Rhine Valley, where, like hundreds of years ago, life is still slowly flowing. Today the castle belongs to the canton of St. Gallen and is open as a historical museum.

Cyburg Castle

Switzerland, canton of Zurich, Winterthur, XI century castle

At one time, the Counts of Cyburg were the most influential feudal lords of Switzerland. The well-preserved medieval castle of Cyburg has witnessed the development of many significant events in Switzerland.

Habsburg Castle

Switzerland, canton of Argau, XI century castle

The ancient hilltop castle on the banks of the Are River became the birthplace of the Habsburg dynasty - one of the most powerful in Europe until the 20th century. In virtually unchanged from the moment of construction of the towers and halls, a restaurant is opened today.

Gruyere Castle

Switzerland, canton of Friborg, Gruyeres, XIII century castle

The medieval Swiss town of Gruyères with a beautiful castle at the very top of the hill, which managed to preserve the ancient atmosphere, as a decoration for the film, seems to be specially created for tourists.

Halville Castle

Switzerland, canton of Agrau, Lenzburg, XII century castle

On the Abah River, which flows into Lake Halvil, there is a castle on the water - Halvil, which since 1925 has been open as a museum of the region’s history since the Middle Ages.

Lenzburg Castle

Switzerland, canton of Argau, Lenzburg, XI century castle

Lenzburg - one of the oldest and most important castles in Switzerland, is now the central museum of the canton of Argau, which tells about the life of the owners of the castle from the Middle Ages.

Notre Dame Cathedral in Lausanne

Switzerland, canton of Vaud, Lausanne, Cathedral of the XII century

The most beautiful cathedral in Switzerland, to which pilgrims went for hundreds of years to pray in front of the Golden Virgin, to which the cathedral is dedicated.

Chillon castle

Switzerland, canton of Vaud, Montreux, IXth century castle-fortress

Chillon Castle, next to Montreux, the most visited attraction on Lake Geneva in Switzerland. The castle preserved the murals of the XIVth century, underground vaults, ceremonial halls and a bedroom in their original form.

Muri Monastery

Switzerland, canton of Argau, Muri, XI century monastery

30 km from Zurich is one of the oldest monasteries in Switzerland, famous for the graves of the Habsburg dynasty. The museum has collected precious relics and opened an art exhibition.

Monastery of St. Gall

Switzerland, St. Gallen, VIIth Monastery

Here is stored the most valuable treasure in the world - knowledge. The library of the St. Gallen Monastery is one of the oldest libraries in the world.

Photos of castles, palaces, fortresses, temples, cathedrals, monasteries


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