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A hilly country with a harsh climate and a warlike population, the national motto of which is: “No one will touch me with impunity”, once delivered a lot of trouble to the English conquerors. As evidence of those times, hundreds of castles, fortresses, fortified temples and monasteries have been preserved. The castles and palaces of Scotland, surrounded by incredible mountain scenery, beautiful coastlines and many islands, are a fantastic sight.

Kerlawerk Castle

Scotland, Dumfries and Galloway, 13th century castle

Kerlawerk - Maxwell Castle. The clan’s ancestor is considered to be Makkus, the son of Andwain, who lived in the Kelso district near Roxburgh in the 12th century.

Glamis Castle

Scotland, Dundee, XIV century castle

Glamis Castle has become famous as one of the most mystical and most visited castles in the UK, thanks to its legendary history, but it is best known as the birthplace of the mother of the current Queen Elizabeth II.

Dirleton Castle

Scotland, Dirleton, 13th century castle

A small medieval castle surrounded by a wide moat, together with the adjacent park and garden are included in the list of historical monuments of Great Britain.

Eilean Donan

Scotland, Dornier, 13th century castle

The construction of the first fortification on the island is lost in the haze of centuries. During excavations, fragments of the Pictish fortress were found. The name of the castle translates as Donana Island.

Arcart Castle

Scotland, Inverness, 13th century castle

The castle on the shores of Loch Ness consists of a donjon and advanced fortifications. To some, such a scheme would seem to be a departure from the classics, but for Scotland, especially mountainous, the castle’s composition fully meets accepted standards.

Linlithgow Palace

Scotland, Linlithgow, 14th century castle

Linlithgow is a palace, but was originally a castle. And now the impression is twofold - maybe a palace, or maybe a castle The towers do not belong to the palace, but to the castle.

Blackness Castle

Scotland, Linlithgow, XV century castle

Due to its elongated shape with three towers like masts, a castle above the water looks like a ship. Alas, this is a "ship that never sailed" - such is his nickname.

Tantallon Castle

Scotland, North Berik, 14th century castle

Tantallon - three towers and three walls. The perimeter is not closed, the fortifications were built almost only on the western side, plus a short northern wall adjacent at an acute angle. All other protection is rocks and the sea.

Dong Castle

Scotland, Sterling, XIV century castle

In the vicinity of Stirling is a gloomy castle that belonged to the first Duke of Albany (Scotland), which served as the backdrop for many films about medieval England.

Sterling castle

Scotland, Sterling, 13th century castle

Sterling is one of the largest castles, many important events of the country were decided within its walls, it withstood many sieges, kings were crowned here, now it is the most popular attraction.

Dunnottar Castle

Scotland, Stonehaven, VII century castle

Dannottar was also a tribal settlement, and a castle in the classical sense, and a church, and a prison, and an administrative center, and even a palace.

Craigmillar Castle

Scotland, Edinburgh, 14th century castle

Craigmillar has been preserved almost the same as it was built. Other castles were repeatedly rebuilt, rebuilt, destroyed, restored.

St Giles Cathedral

Scotland, Edinburgh, 12th Century Cathedral

In the heart of old Edinburgh stands St Giles Cathedral - the "main church" of Scotland. One of the most important architectural monuments for several centuries was the main center of the religious life of the country.

Holyrood Palace

Scotland, Edinburgh, 16th century palace

Holyrood Palace is the official residence of the British Queen in Scotland, where state ceremonies and official receptions are held.

Edinburgh castle

Scotland, Edinburgh, VII century castle

Edinburgh Castle is Scotland's most famous landmark with a thousand-year history, most of which it was a royal residence.

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