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It is possible to evaluate the sights of Poland only by abandoning all prejudices and looking with an open heart, not comparing it with others. Believe me, this country will force you to reconsider all ideas about the beautiful. Here, medieval castles and Gothic cathedrals are intertwined with glossy business centers and chic restaurants, reflecting the spirit of free artists and abandoned remnants of the communist era. And the cozy romantic landscapes of the countryside charm the picturesque ruins of ancient fortresses and the surviving temples with unpretentious design and soothing beauty.

Kszczęz Castle

Poland, Walbrzych, XIII century castle

One of the largest castles in Poland belonged to the kings of different states and embodied all the architectural styles - each owner sought to remake it to his taste.

Royal Palace

Poland, Warsaw, XX century palace

The former residence of the Polish kings, a symbol of the Polish capital and its main attraction.

Palace of Culture and Science

Poland, Warsaw, XX century palace

Once, Stalin wanted to give a present to the Polish people and he decided to build a colossal tower in the very center of Warsaw, which would be the tallest building in Poland.

Zamosc Fortress

Poland, Zamosc, fortress, 16th century

You can go back to the time of the Renaissance, once in the center of Polish Zamosc. The ideally designed ancient city is now a UNESCO landmark.

Mariacki Church

Poland, Krakow, XIV century temple

The Mariacki Church in Krakow, also known as St. Mary's Church, 80 meters high, is especially famous for its magnificent wooden altar. The tall temple served as an architectural model for many churches built by the Polish diaspora abroad.

Wawel Cathedral in Krakow

Poland, Krakow, Cathedral, XIV century

The oldest cathedral, which became the place of coronation and the last refuge of Polish kings, is the main shrine of Poland. And travelers are attracted by a bizarre combination of Gothic, Baroque and Renaissance.

Wawel Royal Castle

Poland, Krakow, castle, XIV century

The main attraction of Krakow is named one of the seven wonders of Poland. The huge castle, which served the Polish kings for centuries, is guarded by the legendary dragon Smok, periodically spewing flames.

Malbork Castle

Poland, Malbork, XIV century castle

The largest castle in the world was the residence of the Teutonic Order, the estate of Polish kings, the pilgrimage site of the Hitlerlund, and is now listed in the list of 7 wonders of Poland and UNESCO.

Yasnaya Gora Monastery

Poland, Czestochowa, XIV century monastery

The main shrine, which houses the miraculous icon of the Czestochowa Mother of God - the patroness of Poland.

Photos of castles, palaces, fortresses, temples, cathedrals, monasteries


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