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Heiress of ancient cultures and rich colonial traditions, Peru is a magical spot on the tourist map of the Earth. Today, known to everyone far beyond Peru, photos of the magical city of Machu Picchu, which is named one of the new seven wonders of the world. The mixture of cultures and civilizations that arose long before the arrival of Europeans, after the meeting of the two worlds, was enriched by African and Asian peoples, who also took root in this land by building their palaces and temples.

Monastery of Santa Catalina

Peru, Arequipa, 17th century monastery

Santa Catalina Convent in Peru, built on the ruins of the House of the Virgin Maidens, where 500 years ago the most beautiful girls of the Inca empire served the cult of the Sun.

Arequipa Cathedral

Peru, Arequipa, Cathedral of the 17th century

Arequipa Cathedral is located in the historic center of the city, listed by UNESCO, and is considered one of the most unusual and most famous cathedrals of Peru during the Spanish conquest.

Cusco cathedral

Peru, Cuzco, 16th century Cathedral

The Cuzco Cathedral, built on the foundation of the ruined Inca palace, is considered one of the most visible and most beautiful Spanish colonial temples in South America.


Peru, Cuzco, the fortress

Visitors to this magnificent Inca fortress, which overlooks the city of Cuzco, cannot but be struck by the beauty and monumental scale of this important Inca building.

Machu Picchu

Peru, Cuzco, the city of sanctuary

The mysterious Inca stronghold hidden deep in the jungle of the green Urubamba Valley, high on the top of the mountain, is the best-preserved city of the great Inca empire.

Company Temple

Peru, Cuzco, 16th century temple

An ancient temple built on the site of one of the most beautiful Inca palaces in the main square of Plaza de Armas. The Company has a valuable collection of paintings from the colonial school of Cuzco.

Coricancha Temple and Monastery of Santo Domingo

Peru, Cuzco, temple, monastery of the XV century

The Temple of Coricancha was the most important Inca sanctuary dedicated to the sun god Inti, on whose walls the Spanish conquistadors built their monastery of Santo Domingo.

Cathedral in Lima

Peru, Lima, 16th century Cathedral

The Baroque cathedral on the Pacific coast at the foot of the Andes is known as the last refuge of Francisco Pizarro - the Spanish adventurer, conqueror and founder of the city of Lima.

San Francisco Monastery

Peru, Lima, monastery of the 17th century

San Francisco is one of the largest and most visited temples of the capital of Peru - Lima. But the most striking feature is the huge catacombs, where the bones of thousands of the deceased are lined with eerie patterns.

Photos of castles, palaces, fortresses, temples, cathedrals, monasteries


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