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Photos of castles, palaces, fortresses, temples, cathedrals, monasteries - Latvia

There are quite a few medieval castles left on the territory of Latvia - from the Swordsmen, the Teutonic Order, the Archbishop of Riga ... There are small ones, there are ruined ones, but there are also very remarkable ones, even against a pan-European background. Several imitations of the New Time, very impressive, two Bartolomeo Rastrelli palaces, many magnificent Gothic churches, a space reconnaissance radio telescope, Mikeltornis lighthouse, a car museum, Gauja valley ("Latvian Switzerland"), Cape Kolka, where the sea and the gulf meet, an ancient settlement on the lake Araishi, Syneville - a city built for the filming of a film, you just can’t list everything in any way. In each of the directions - Riga, Vidzeme, Kurzeme - you can draw up several exciting routes.

Aluksne Castle

Latvia, Aluksne, 19th century castle

At the end of the 17th - beginning of the 18th centuries, pastor Johann Ernst Gluck lived in Aluksne (Marienburg), who first translated the Bible into Latvian.

Bauska Castle

Latvia, Bauska, XV century

Bauska castle is one of the most powerful in Latvia. Another peculiarity is that, in fact, these are two very different, but connected together locks.

Valmiera Castle

Latvia, Valmiera, XIII century castle

Valmiera Castle was badly damaged in 1702. Only three walls have survived to our time. And then, these walls did not belong to the main part of the castle, but to the forburg (pre-castle). But his story is preserved.

Araishi Castle

Latvia, Araishi, XIII century castle

Araishi Castle is located on the peninsula, almost in the middle of the lake. There is water on three sides, and a moat on the fourth. In addition to the main fortification, there was a forburg — a castle, which occupied a much larger area than the castle itself.

Birini Castle

Latvia, Vidzeme, XIX century castle

Birini Castle of New Time was built in 1860.

Zvartava Castle

Latvia, Vidzeme, XIX century castle

The New Time Castle in Zvartava was built in 1881.

Cesvaine Castle

Latvia, Vidzeme, 19th century castle

Very impressive castle, more like a fairytale palace. So, however, its first owner conceived.

Dobele Castle

Latvia, Dobele, XIV century castle

The castle is beautiful with its special beauty. Although it is in a dilapidated state.

Jaunmoku Castle

Latvia, Kurzeme, XX century castle

Jaunmokas, the castle of the New Age, or, as it is often called, a hunting castle, was built in 1901. So now he is a little over a hundred years old.

Edole Castle

Latvia, Kurzeme, XIII century castle

Edole Castle - elegant such. If you don’t particularly look closely, from a distance it can be mistaken for some kind of a remake, such as Neuschwanstein. But no. In fact, Edole Castle is a real, medieval one.

Dole Castle

Latvia, Doles Muiza, XIX century castle

Dole is an island between the Dry Daugava and the Daugava wet. Dry Daugava - the channel running from the present Riga hydroelectric station, begins at an impasse, so Dole, strictly speaking, is not an island, but a peninsula, although very little. And if the island is conditional.

Baldone Castle

Latvia, Riga, XX century castle

The White Castle (Palace) in Baldon was built in 1901 by Pan Miscavige, a forester.

Riga castle

Latvia, Riga, XIV century castle

Riga's new castle is currently the residence of the President of Latvia and is available for inspection only from the outside.

Sigulda Castle

Latvia, Vidzeme, XIII century castle

Two castles - old and new with a panoramic platform and wonderful views of the valley.

Lielstraupe Castle

Latvia, Straupe, XIII century castle

From a distance, the Lielstraupe castle tower can be mistaken for the bell tower of the church. The sloping roof and the landing upstairs is a purely Dome Cathedral in Riga. Optical illusion, however. From close range, the main impression of the tower is massiveness and durability.

Cesis Castle

Latvia, Vidzeme, Cesis, 13th century castle

The most powerful and best preserved castle in Latvia, played an extremely important role in many historical events.

Maiori Castle

Latvia, Jurmala, XIX century castle

This is not the Majori that is in Italy. This is the center of Jurmala. Therefore, many saw a small nice castle in front of the station (stopping point). If you get out of the third or fourth train car, then right there it is.

Photos of castles, palaces, fortresses, temples, cathedrals, monasteries


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