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The part of the world that is too modernized to leave space for the flight of fantasy, however, became famous for fairy tales and legends about the noble knights saving beautiful princesses in high towers. Castles in Germany have earned the fame of the most beautiful in the world. To date, there are more than 25,000 - it sounds almost unbelievable, but this is a legacy of ancient history, when castles, fortresses and palaces served as centers of power of emperors, counts and princes. Today, in these medieval walls, tourists will find magnificent museums, hotels, restaurants and much more. It is unlikely that you will be able to visit all the sights of Germany, so I give you a list of the most popular.

Wartburg Castle

Germany, Eisenach, XI's Castle

The most German of all castles in Germany. Here, Martin Luther translated the Bible into German, students advocated a united state, and Hitler held a meeting of the clairvoyants of the Third Reich.

Cathedral of Virgin Mary

Germany, Augsburg, 11th century Cathedral

The Cathedral of Our Lady in Augsburg is famous, first of all, for its main attraction - the country's oldest stained glass windows of the XI century.

Aachen Cathedral

Germany, Aachen, VIII century cathedral

In the cathedral of the bishopric of Aachen, emperors of the Holy Roman Empire were crowned for centuries. Here are the four greatest relics of Christianity. Aachen Cathedral was one of the first to be included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Berlin Cathedral

Germany, Berlin, XX century cathedral

An impressive modern baroque temple rises above the Spreeinsel island in Berlin, nicknamed the Museum Island. The design of the dome is nominated for an award as a historical monument.

Frankenstein Castle

Germany, Darmstadt, X century castle

Frankenstein Castle became famous thanks to Joseph Conrad Dippel von Frankenstein, an eccentric alchemist suspected of stealing body parts from local cemeteries for studying natural philosophy.

Cologne Cathedral

Germany, Cologne, 13th century cathedral

When you first see Cologne Cathedral, it’s really breathtaking! Immediately and forever, the colossal size of the structure is impressive - 157 meters in height. It is hard to believe that this magnificent cathedral was conceived in the Middle Ages.

Eltz Castle

Germany, Münstermeifeld, XIII century castle

One of the oldest castles in Germany is perfectly preserved in its original form, including a medieval interior.

Linderhof Castle

Germany, Oberammergau, 19th century castle

Bavarian Versailles - an elegant castle with antique statues in a wonderful park, recognized as one of the most beautiful creations in the history of landscape design - is another fabulous masterpiece of the mad king Ludwig II.

Regensburg Cathedral

Germany, Regensburg, 13th century Cathedral

St. Peter's Basilica in Regensburg is the best example of Gothic architecture in Germany with a harmonious appearance and interesting medieval sculptures.

Neuschwanstein Castle

Germany, Fussen, 19th century castle

Neuschwanstein (New Swan Stone) - a fairytale castle, the embodiment of the dream of an eccentric king, who considered himself a Swan Knight - the most photographed castle in Germany.

Hohenschwangau Castle

Germany, Fussen, 19th century castle

A breathtaking landscape between the steep mountainsides leads to a small town on the banks of the Leh River. A trip to the Bavarian Alps will be unforgettable even before you see this fabulous castle.

Heidelberg Castle

Germany, Heidelberg, XIV century castle

The famous ruins of Germany, which became the symbol of the city of Halderberg, have not been restored, but the opportunity to explore from within the world-famous ruins annually attracts millions of tourists.

Herrenkimsee Castle Palace

Germany, Herreninsel Palace

Herrenkimsee is another of the quirks of the eccentric Bavarian king Ludwig II, who built the most famous castles in the world during his short reign.

Photos of castles, palaces, fortresses, temples, cathedrals, monasteries


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