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Today in France there are so many castles that when you travel, they are literally surrounded by them. The French "Chateau" implies a medieval fortress, and a royal residence, and just a winery mansion. They survived several thousand throughout the country. Today they have turned into museums or hotels that invite you to plunge into the bright past of this amazing country. A visit to any of them will leave an unforgettable travel experience.

Barge Castle

France, Barge, XII century castle

High towers and dilapidated walls of the castle tower above the heather valley, where an island of true feudal France has been preserved.

Notre Dame du Puy Cathedral

France, Grasse, 12th century Cathedral

In the very south of France, near the coastal Alps, is the ancient city of Grasse. The main attraction of the city is the Notre-Dame-du-Puy Cathedral of the 12th century, where the Louis Brea triptych, Rubens canvases and paintings by Fragonard are stored.

Chaumont-sur-Loire Castle

France, Loire Valley, XV century castle

Like a white knight in armor, the silhouette of a medieval castle appears over the Loire River. Unapproachable and elegant, surrounded by a beautiful English park, Chaumont Castle has become a favorite destination for gardeners.

Chenonceau Castle

France, Loire Valley, XVI century castle

The most charming castle of the Loire Valley, like a ship sailing on a river, is called the "Ladies' Castle". The gentle touch of the six women who owned Chenonceau made him a true legend of France.

Castle Amboise

France, Loire Valley, XV century castle

The royal castle, towering over the Loire, witnessed key events in the history of France, the life of the monarchs and the backstage intrigues of the courtyard. Amboise is also known as the last refuge of Leonardo da Vinci.

Chambord Castle

France, Loire Valley, XVI century castle

The largest and most extravagant building in the Loire Valley, designed by Leonardo da Vinci, which has become a masterpiece of Renaissance architecture, surpassing all the famous castles of France at that time.

The royal fort on the island of st. Margarita

France, about. St. Margarita, 17th century fortress

Island of st. Margarita is the largest of the Lerins Islands and is known for a prison castle, the walls of which contained a mysterious prisoner in an iron mask.

Lerinsky Abbey

France, Lerins Islands, Monastery V in

The medieval city in Provence in the south of France off the coast of Cannes has a long and colorful history of one of the most influential monasteries in Europe and the oldest in France.

Notre Dame de Paris Cathedral

France, Paris, XII century Cathedral

In France, all roads lead to the cathedral in the heart of Paris. And the mystical chimeras, watching the parishioners from the roof, gathered many legends about the secret meaning of the symbolism of the most famous cathedral in the world.

Palace of versailles

France, Paris, XVII century palace

The history of the Palace of Versailles began with a modest hunting, turned by Louis XIV into a sparkling palace. 10 500 tons of silver was spent on construction, which, according to experts, is equal to 259 billion euros.

Mont Saint Michel

France, Saint-Michel, VIII century fortress island

A miracle of the West in the heart of a huge bay cut off by high tides from all over the world. The mesmerizing outline of the towers of the island of Mont Saint-Michel became the most famous of all UNESCO sites on the list of France.

Notre Dame Cathedral in Strasbourg

France, Strasbourg, 11th century cathedral

Like a pink-red angel hovering over the city - a tall spire of a 142-meter-high cathedral, visible far beyond the city, on the other side of the Rhine. Strasbourg Cathedral is the sixth highest temple in the world.

Photos of castles, palaces, fortresses, temples, cathedrals, monasteries


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