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Bomaris Castle

Wales, Anglesey, 13th century castle

Bo Mareys means - Beautiful swamp. The castle was founded by Edward I, but despite the scope with which he took up the construction of the castle, the construction was never completed.

Dudley Castle

England, Dudley, XI's Castle

Dudley Castle is one of the outposts of the Norman Conquest of England in the second half of the 11th century. Guillaume Bastard, Duke of Normandy, was proclaimed king of England in December 1066.

Durham Castle

England, Durham, XI's castle

Durham Castle is a 11th-century Norman fortress in the style of Mott & Bailey, donated by the bishops of the University of Durham. In 1987, the ancient architectural complex was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site along with neighboring Durham Cathedral.

Caerphilly Castle

Wales, Caerphilly, XIII century castle

Caerphilly, with an area of ​​over one hundred thousand square meters, is Europe's second largest castle with an impressive moat and its leaning tower of Pisa.

Carnarvon Fortress

Wales, Carnarvon, XIVth Fortress

The well-preserved fortress with octagonal towers resembles ancient Constantinople. An interesting attraction is the museum of the royal shooters.

Kenilworth Castle

England, Coventry, 19th century castle

Kenilworth is the first castle actively visited by tourists since Walter Scott published his novel about him.

Conwy Castle

Wales, Conwy, 13th century fortress

Conwy is one of the largest fortresses of medieval Europe, built by Edward I, who built an iron ring after the capture of Wales.

Stokesay Castle

England, Craven Arms, 13th century castle

Strictly speaking, Stokesay is not quite a castle, but Manor House - a fortified landowner house - Manor House. True, Stokesay is the best-preserved medieval manor in all of England.

Ludlow Castle

England, Ludlow, castle XI

One of the most impressive castles in England. Each castle has something of its own that distinguishes it from others. But if they were, Ludlow would be close to the top.

Lancaster castle

England, Lancaster, XII century castle

In the second half of the 15th century, the War of the Red and White Roses raged in England. The descendants of the kings of the High Middle Ages killed each other, if not completely clean, then almost. The war was fought between the Lancaster and York branches of the Plantagenet dynasty.

Leeds Castle

England, Leeds, IXth Fortress Castle

A fabulous building on the islands of the Len River, one of the most beautiful and romantic ancient fortresses, which has become home to many medieval queens.

Lincoln Castle

England, Lincoln, XI's Castle

Lincoln Castle is almost a thousand years old. This is a monument of antiquity of national importance: in one of its halls there is a surviving copy of the Magna Carta.

Tower of London

England, London, XI's Castle

One of the largest castles in England, which will always be remembered as a symbol of royal power, the fortress of the monarchy and the prison of its enemies.

Windsor castle

England, London, XI century fortress castle

Remaining the main home of the British royal family since the time of William the Conqueror, it is the oldest and oldest residential castle in the world.

St Paul's Cathedral

England, London, XVII century cathedral

One of the largest in Europe, St Paul’s Cathedral is a symbol of London’s hope and resilience.

Temple Temple (Templar Church)

England, London, XII century temple

The oldest temple of the Knights Templar, where the knights held their secret rites of initiation.

Buckingham Palace

England, London, XVIII century palace

The royal house and the main palace of the country, which is the official headquarters of the monarchy, and, more recently, a tourist attraction.

Westminster Abbey

England, London, XIII century temple

Westminster Abbey, which has become a traditional place for the coronation of monarchs, was nicknamed the real museum of the history of England.

Restormell Castle

England, Lostwithiel, XI century castle

Surrounded by a deep, long-exhausted moat, Restormell Castle impresses with its unusual architecture resembling an amphitheater.

Warwick Castle

England, Midlands, XI century castle

Warwick - The Maker of Kings. Pretty famous nickname. Richard Neville, Earl of Salisbury, was also Earl of Warwick by right of wife. And the owner of the corresponding castle. True, in making kings he overdid it a little and ended badly.

Tamworth Castle

England, Midlands, XI's Castle

Castle Tamworths, despite numerous modernizations, by and large, has remained the same “mott and Bailey”, which the conquerors of William the Conqueror built in great numbers in England in the second half of the 11th century.

Harleck Fortress

England, Harleck, XIII century fortress

One of the best medieval monuments in Britain according to the BBC, for many centuries Harleck Castle played a key role in the confrontation between England and Wales.

Shrewsbury castle

England, Shrewsbury, XI century castle

Shrewsbury Castle, so red, modest. Impressions of antiquity does not produce. And he actually already almost 950.

Photos of castles, palaces, fortresses, temples, cathedrals, monasteries


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