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St. John's Cathedral

China, Hong Kong, XIX century cathedral

St. John's Cathedral is the oldest European religious building in Hong Kong, built by the British in the 19th century. Now it is the cathedral of the diocese of Hong Kong.

Xuancun Sy Monastery

China, Datong, V century monastery

Shaolin Monastery

China, Danfeng, V century monastery

The history of the Shaolin Monastery is overgrown with so many myths that it is no longer possible to determine what is true and what is fiction. The reality is so interesting that it does not need to be decorated with legends.

Forbidden City (Imperial Palace)

China, Beijing, XV century palace

The largest and most mysterious palace complex in the world, where not a single commoner or foreigner has gone before 500 years. And although the Forbidden City is now open to the public, its history still holds many secrets.

Temple of the Earth

China, Beijing, XVI century temple

The Temple of the Earth is located in the northern part of Beijing. This is the second largest of the four temples in the huge Ritan Park after the Temple of Heaven.

Temple of the sun

China, Beijing, XVI century temple

One of China's five most famous altars was the place where emperors of ancient dynasties sacrificed to the sun god for several centuries. Now there is a large recreation park and culture.

Temple of the moon

China, Beijing, XVI century temple

The Temple of the Moon is an altar located in the western part of Beijing. It was built in 1530 during the Ming Dynasty, as a royal altar for ritual sacrifices by the emperors of China.

Sky Temple

China, Beijing, XV century temple

The architecture of the Temple of Heaven in Beijing is a magnificent structure consisting of four main structures: a prayer hall for a good harvest, an imperial vault of heaven, an echo wall and a round altar.

Lama Temple

China, Beijing, the temple

This temple is also known as the Palace of Peace and Concord, and Yonghegun Monastery. Lama Temple remains one of the most important tourist attractions in Beijing.

St. Sophia Cathedral in Harbin

China, Harbin, XX century Cathedral

St. Sophia Cathedral is the largest Orthodox church in the Far East, the former Russian Orthodox Church, and now the museum of urban architecture in China in the city of Harbin.

Cathedral of St. Ignatius

China, Shanghai, XX century cathedral

The greatest cathedral in the Far East, in which the first ever worship in Chinese was held, is the current Catholic cathedral of the diocese of Shanghai.

Jade Buddha Temple

China, Shanghai, XIX century temple

In 1882, a monk decided to erect a chapel on his own over a statue of Buddha brought from Myanmar. Today, the temple includes an impressive collection of rare cultural monuments.

Wudangshan Monasteries

China, Shiyan, monasteries of the 7th-15th centuries

The famous Wudangshan became the cradle of Taoism and the site of the emergence of martial arts. According to legend, the sacred mountain in the Celestial Empire is the home of the Perfect Warrior - the deity Zheng.

Photos of castles, palaces, fortresses, temples, cathedrals, monasteries


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