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These amazing islands are located in the Caribbean between North and South America. Once there filibusters landed here to bury their treasures. Today, taking a trip to the Caribbean islands, you will undoubtedly find real treasures: fabulous landscapes, amazingly beautiful beaches and, of course, peculiar old planter houses and temples. Do not forget to take a camera or a video camera to the Caribbean Islands and a lot of flash memory - at every step, in every city you will meet unique wonders of architecture.

Cathedral of Santa Maria la Menor (Cathedral of Santo Domingo)

Caribbean Islands, Dominican Republic, Santo Domingo, 16th century Cathedral

Santa Maria la Menor is the oldest cathedral in South America, where worship has not ceased for 500 years. The Cathedral is dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary and is included in the UNESCO list.

Faro Colon

Caribbean, Dominican Republic, Santo Domingo, 16th century lighthouse

The history of Santo Domingo is closely connected with its founder - Christopher Columbus. Faro Colon - Columbus Lighthouse - is one of the most important relics of the Dominicans, where an honorary military guard keeps a watch around the clock at the Columbus sarcophagus.

Highway Basilica

Caribbean, Dominican Republic, Highway, 20th Century Cathedral

The Highway Basilica is one of the most important and most visited shrines in the Dominican Republic, as well as the famous pilgrimage center in Latin America.

Palace of Alcazar de Cologne

Caribbean, Dominican Republic, Santo Domingo, XVI century palace

Alcazap de Colón, or Columbus Palace, is the oldest surviving royal palaces in America and the most visited museum in Santo Domingo.

Fort San Felipe del Morro

Caribbean, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, XVI century fortress

One of the most impressive forts of the Caribbean islands, the ancient impregnable bastion became the keeper for the discoverers of the New World and almost half a century of history that began with the Spanish conquistadors.

Fortaleza Osama Fortress

Caribbean, Dominican Republic, Santo Domingo, XVI century fortress

Fortaleza Osama - the oldest military fortress in America, built by the Spaniards at the mouth of the Osama River to protect the "Gateway to the Caribbean Sea" - the main port of the New World - Santo Domingo.

Altos de Chavon

Caribbean, Dominican Republic, La Romana, temple

The whim of film moguls, which has become a refuge for artists - Altos de Chavon - a historical reconstruction of a medieval Spanish village.

Christopher Cathedral in Havana

Caribbean Islands, Cuba, 18th century Cathedral

The main temple of the Archdiocese of St. Christopher in Cuba, the Havana Cathedral, is the only example of the Baroque style with asymmetric features - the right tower of the cathedral is much wider than the left.

Castle of the Royal Force (La Fuerza)

Caribbean, Cuba, Havana, XVI century fortress

Cuba became the key to the New World of the first Spanish conquerors. The Royal Force Castle is one of the very first European forts in all of America.

Waterloo Temple

Caribbean Islands, Trinidad, 20th Century Temple

If you are planning a trip to the western part of the coast of Trinidad, include in your route a temple on the sea at Waterloo.

Photos of castles, palaces, fortresses, temples, cathedrals, monasteries


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