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The largest state in Africa, Algeria in the XVI-XVII centuries was known as the country of corsairs, the most famous of which is the pirate Barbarossa, who became the ruler of Algeria. Although deserts occupy 80% of the territory, here you will find many architectural sights, many of which are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.


Algeria, I ruins

Along the coast lies a lost city, which houses one of the most unusual archaeological sites listed in UNESCO.

Kasbah of Algeria

Algeria, 16th century fortress

This is a unique view of the Islamic citadel, beyond the ramparts of which you will see Ottoman palaces, mosques and old houses.

Notre Dame Cathedral

Algeria, 19th century cathedral

The largest Catholic church in the city of Algeria, the exact mirror reflection of Notre Dame on the other side of the sea in Marseille.


Algeria, Batna, I c. Ruins

The best-preserved ruins of a Roman colony built at the beginning of our era are listed by UNESCO.

Cala Beni Hammad

Algeria, Msila, 11th century ruins

The ruins of the former capital of Hammadids - an ancient city with magnificent palaces and the largest mosque in Algeria.


Algeria, Setif, I c. Ruins

A mountain village off the north coast where some of the best-preserved Roman ruins in Africa are found.

Great Tlemcen Mosque

Algeria, Tlemcen, 11th century cathedral

One of the best preserved examples of Almoravid architecture and one of Algeria's oldest mosques.

Photos of castles, palaces, fortresses, temples, cathedrals, monasteries


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